January 14, 2005

more stories from sevilla

today is friday, which is really exciting. we are going to granada today, and tomorrow to cordoba. i like my family, but staying in a hotel will be sweet. itīs a 4 star hotel too. maybe they will offer more than bread and olive loaf for breakfast.

i have a new obsession. spanish ice cream, helado. it is amazing, so much better than our ice cream. the flavors are similar, but it has a much better texture, itīs not so hard and it doesnīt seem to melt the same way. but itīs not really like frozen yogurt either. itīs hard to explain. but it is amazing.

i am still weirded out by things here... did i mention that my family watches the simpsons in spanish during lunch? itīs cool, but weird because the voices donīt sound like i expect them to sound. in the restaurants and bars here, beer and wine are totally cheaper than water and pop. itīs definitely the opposite in the u.s. and i just found out that you are not supposed to flush the toilet paper after you go to the bathroom. i guess the pipes are too small to handle the tp. everyone else but me seemed to know that, and now i feel bad for flushing my toilet paper in the host familyīs house.

yesterday we visitied las reales alcazares, the castle which the spanish king used to live in. it was huge, and had this amazing outdoor garden, with a maze cut into the bushes, orange trees, lemon trees, palm trees, fountains, and a bunch of other cool stuff. then we went shopping for awhile and i bought a jacket. itīs really cute, orange/white reversible, and it was 25 euros. after shopping we went to the flamenco concert. it was a little different than i had expected, and it took place in the outside garden of a hotel. there was one guitar player who was awesome, two singers who were interesting, and one woman dancer who was also awesome.

itīs time for class now, so iīm out. i may not post until next sunday/monday, sorry for all of you who are hooked on my blog!

Posted by JenMagenta at January 14, 2005 2:13 AM


I need to know what you are supposed to do with the toilet paper? Have fun this weekend. Love MOM

Posted by: mom at January 14, 2005 6:09 PM

waiting for your journal about the trip. the weather is nice in spain, but on the cool side.
love grandma

Posted by: grandma at January 16, 2005 11:55 AM

Hey Jen!!
Gosh I miss you and I'm sorry I'm never online when u come online to talk to me :( but I her (or read) that you're having fun so I'm happy for you...say hi to all the Sigmas Kappas out there and keep warm in that classroom of yours!! BYE!!

Posted by: Daniela at January 16, 2005 4:55 PM
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