January 26, 2005

adios madrid

this will probably be my last entry from spain. thatīs really sad! today is our free day, a.k.a. our shopping day. i really have not shopped much since iīve been here. i got a coat and i got jon a bday present... but iīm really looking forward to shopping today. madrid is full of stores, and it is still rebajas (clearance) time, the annual sale that lasts from the beginning of january to the middle of february.

last night was pretty much our last chance to go out, but we did not go to the discoteca, five of us went to some hole in the wall bars with our professor instead. these places were seriously like little caves, my mom would have not been able to go in (claustrophobia). but they were cool, the first bar was famous for their champiņones, mushrooms, which are served as the mushroom cap stuffed with some type of meat and peppers, and they are covered in butter and garlic. really good. the next bar was famous for their guitar player, and all the people inside were clapping along with every song, their claps simulating a flamenco dancerīs shoes hitting the floor. it was really cool. we had homemade sangria at both places, and i liked this sangria much more than others i have tried because it tasted more like wine than like juice. it was good.

we are leaving tomorrow for the airport at 8am, and our flight leaves for atlanta at 10:10am, and we are supposed to arrive at 3:10pm atlanta time, which will feel like 9:10pm our time. then we fly to oīhare at 5:16pm atlanta time, and arrive in chicago at 6:30pm, which will feel like 1:30am. insane. i am not looking forward to the plane ride, and i really hope we donīt see the same movie. we have a final paper to write for the class, and i plan to spend the plane ride working on it.

we have a farewell dinner with the group tonight, which will be really sad. i made a lot of good friends on this trip and i donīt know how often i will see them this semester. i donīt think everyone on the trip is really sad aobut going home though, out of 27 people we have three girls that are engaged, and way more than half the group has a boyfriend or girlfriend, so it seems like they all really want to go home.

alright enough of that, itīs time to go shopping! donīt worry mom i wonīt spend too much money.

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