November 18, 2004

And Never Getting Help Doesn't Make You Brave

For some reason I decided this week would be a good time to commit academic suicide. I have honestly done NOTHING all week. For yet another week I completely ditch my Poli Sci class. I was supposed to turn in a story for Rhet last Tuesday and I didn't turn it in till today. I ditched band and English yesterday. I ditched Rhet and my journalism lab today. Ditching J lab was probably a really bad idea. I hope the prof didn't give any writing assignments. Oh well. He assigned a 6-8 page news feature on Tuesday that's due the second to last class. I have no idea what I'm going to write about. I went to work yesterday and I'm going today. So I guess the point is, if the university wants me to go to class, they should pay me. Tomorrow is a totally free day. Both my classes were cancelled and I took off work. I plan on drinking heavily tonight and not doing shit tomorrow till it's time to drink more and then go to the basketball game. Then it's time for the long drive home. That should be fun times. It's the same crew that road up with mike when we went to Northwestern.

I'm looking forward to the week at home. I've kinda been in a bad mood lately and I don't really know why. I'm hoping a hiatus from school and work and stress will solve that. There won't even be much holiday stress this year because we're going to Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill's for Thanksgiving. mmmm Thanksgiving. I can't wait to eat myself to death. I also can't wait to get the Seinfeld DVDs and the new U2 album on Tuesday. Camping out at Rachel's farm that night is going to be SWEET! I haven't camped in forever. I'm also contemplating going back to Willowbrook to see the play. I haven't done that in FOREVER. It'll be interesting to see how things are going there now.

Anyway, I have to run to the LAS office in Lincoln Hall now to fill out some paper work so I can do this whole dual degree thing. Fun times. Later.


Just What I Needed - The Cars

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