November 23, 2004

It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah

I'm typing this message from at home in the greater Lombard/Villa Park/Elmhurst area. This is only the second time all semester that I've been home. It amazes me how little things change around here. The occasional store front gets renovated or some old business goes under or a new one gets started, but other than that things seem pretty static. Everything here goes about its daily routine without concern for whether or not I'm around. I went back to Willowbrook for the first time since my freshmen year of college. I went to see a play called Dancing at Lughnasa. I'd heard mixed reviews from people who still have family connections there, but I really enjoyed the play. It was weird to see the theatre still going without me. I wondered how many of the people who were involved in this production even knew my name. My brothers and I were there for 30 productions. I saw Siciliani (who has taken her husband's name now) and Dale and Epple. We had brief conversation but there really wasn't too much to say. Later that night I went to Phi Mu Alpha initiation at Elmhurst College and found out a few people I went to high school with are in my fraternity. It was bizarre. It was also weird to be sitting at Kopper Kitchen till 7 a.m. with people from U of I. I have to go get my mom from work right more later I guess.


So What - Miles Davis (From Kind of Blue)

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