November 30, 2004

Please take these words and do with them what you would like

I returned to school Sunday evening to find the house freezing and my fish dead at the bottom of his tank. Apparently when we leave the house for long periods of time, they turn the heat down to 50. I wish someone would have informed me of that because I would have bought a heater for the tank. Oh well, I guess he was going to die eventually, but it just kinda sucked to come back from break and find him dead. I had to scoop him out with a plastic bag and flush him down the toilet. People seemed to think this was an improper burial, but I think fish should be buried at sea. And by at sea I mean in the sewage system. That's what you do with a dead fish. You flush it. I mean, it's not like we have a yard to bury it in. So I think after Christmas break I'm going to get some new fish.
The next two weeks are going to be incredibly hectic. Not only do I have a ton of writing to do for various classes, but there's a ton of Sinfonia stuff going on too. Not to mention awesome basketball games, like the one against Wake Forest tomorrow night! I can't wait! I also can't wait for this semester to be over. This has been by far my poorest semester academically since I got to college. Next semester I'm going to have to learn to balance my school work with my social life a lot better. Anyway, I should probably get going to class pretty soon.

SONG OF THE MOMENT: (in honor of my dear, departed fish)

Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? - Green Day (from Kerplunk)

Posted by dpetrella at November 30, 2004 12:54 PM | TrackBack

Just wanna say flushing fish is the proper method of burial. Just cuz I'm curious, does anyone remember a situation at my house with a flushed fish still in the toilet when a certain someone went into the bathroom? I guess it was just too big to flush.

Posted by: Andy at December 1, 2004 6:48 AM

Man that sucks- and yeah I figured your(Dan's) fish would be too big to flush as well.

Instead of new fish how about getting a dwarf hamster to battle Jon's?

Posted by: Marv at December 1, 2004 8:26 PM
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