August 31, 2004


Well, I finally made it to Germany. After a long, long plane ride, I arrived in Munich. This was followed by a fairly long train ride into the city. Sound interesting yet? Well, I tossed all of my stuff in my hotel room by 3 and went out to explore the city.

It's amazing. The city is huge, and there are so many interesting pieces of history in it. Well, that, and there are alot of beer gardens. I just started walking down the street and went through a giant open air market complete with 3 beer gardens.

I kept walking and went by the Glockenspiel, the famous clock tower in munich. The Glockenspiel, by the way, is on a wide street only for pedestrians. No autos allowed. This street is about the width of 294, and is packed with people, booths, beer gardens and crazy looking street performers. Needless to say, I stopped for a beer.

This is my second day in Munich. I was on my way to my apartment, but I could not find it. After an hour of walking, I stopped here at an internet cafe to maquest the address. Turns out I am a block or so away. Guess I finally started walking in the right direction. O well, my time at the cafe is almost up. I'm gonna make my way to the apartment.


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