September 20, 2004

The Morning after Oktoberfest

Well, today we took a day off of oktoberfest. Still no pictures because I woke up waay to late to go to class today after a long night at Oktoberfest.

I went to oktoberfest around 8pm and met up with some of my classmates. Phil, the TKE from the states, was already in his lederhosen dancing on the table. Needless to say, i grabbed a maß and joined him. Drunkeness ensued.

I got an email yesterday from a girl in holler's fraternity. Shes apparently visiting Munich for Oktoberfest purposes with 2 of her fellow frat-mates (all female despite the fact that it is a ''frat'') and is looking for a place to crash. Should prove to be fun.

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September 19, 2004


Well, Ive become quite behind in updating my blog. I do not have internet in my apartment, so I am forced to write this entry from an internet cafe in downtown Munich.

For those who do not already know, I am studying in Munich, Germany for the duration of the schoolyear. I have been chilling here in Munich since the 30th of August, and have soaked in all the sights of the city. Pictures will hopefully come tomorrow when I get internet somewhere on my laptop.

I come to you today because yesterday was a very important day here in Munich. It was the first day of Oktoberfest. On Friday we cut our night short because we wanted to wake up for a 930 a.m. powerhour. In Germany, cutting your night short means leaving the disco at 230 instead of 5am. On this particular saturday, my fellow americans and I went out with 3 very very attractive german girls (two of whom happened to be visiting Munich for the weekend). I only tell you this because they also accompanied us to Oktoberfest the following morning.

That said, I made my way at 1130am towards the oktoberfest grounds in Munich. I exited the subway station and was amazed at the sheer magitude of it all. Imagine the Taste of Chicago on July 4th. Now, Imagine that there are 8 6,000+ person tents lining a street, and it goes on about as long as the taste of chicago. Then, once you reach the end, you are at an even bigger street lined with more beer tents. That is oktoberfest.

By 1130, most of the tents were already at capacity, and they shut their doors. We made our way into the Hofbräuhaus tent. It was immense. It was at least 100m long, and everyone was already up on the tables dancing, yelling, and drinking beer at 1130am. Walking around was akin to managing a crowd at a concert unless you were one of the beer ladies. They shamlessly shove everybody out of the way as they madly make their way to feed beer to more drunken Germans.

Somewhat disappointed that there was not even space for one of us, we decided to try outside. After losing the majority of the Americans, two French girls, Mike (from New Orleans), Mikes friend Omar (from So. Carolina), and I waited for a table at one of the beer gardens. We eventually found space next to a group of older Italians, and we promptly ordered a beer.

There was a group of younger Italian guys at one of the adjacent tables. They were broasting with everyone constantly while still managing to hoot and holler at every attractive woman in a Dirndl(traditional female German dress) that passed us by.

Good times.

Peace out all. Hopefully Ill have pictures and another update on whats going on tomorrow.

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