November 23, 2004


I received a nice email from my mom earlier today. Figured you all might want to read this one.


Please email the Swistons and thank them for all the forks they left us for
Thanksgiving dinner. We appreciate their thoughtfulness.



So Yeah Guys. Good to know that even though I'm in germany, the tom-foolery continues. Unfortunately though, I am not able to retaliate....or run outside and chase everyone down. But you can take solace in the fact that my family now has forks to use for thanksgiving. I'll have to think up somethin for when I finally make it home, and unfortunately I will be missing the anual christmas eve eve party at mikes house. I come home a day too late.

Song of the day: Westerland by die Ärzte

FC Bayern, #1 in the Bundesliga!! WOOO spring break style mothafucka.

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November 20, 2004


Well, all this talk about thanksgiving has made me realize that I will have spent the last two thanksgivings in Europe away from my family. Actually, I almost followed last years tradition by planning a visit to cork next weekend with some corkians(sic?) I met here. But today a random attractive american girl knocked on my door and asked if I would like to celebrate thanksgiving with her next saturday with all the people on my floor and a few others. Naturally I said yes, so I guess no Cork trip for me. Mayber later.

But actually she wasn't really a totally random person. She's friends with this French girl that lives down the hall from me. I think I may have even met her in one of the student diskos, but I can't really remember.

O yeah, I just realized I haven't actually explained how things go over here in crazy ole germany. I live in a place called the Studentenstadt right now (literally means student city bc there are five thousand or so students living here). Naturally I am in the only one of the 20 some buildings without internet, but thats ok. We have a disko. Since students everywhere have a penchant for drinking anything alcoholic, there are 2 diskos set up in the basements of the larger buildings. On top of the highest building there is another bar accompanied by 3 more scattered throughout the stustadt. It is worth mentioning the diskos and such do not close until at least 5 in the morning, and they stay open as long as there are people left dancing.

So last night I ended up drinking a rather large amount of homemade bulgarian schnapps (~65%) with a bunch of bulgarians and a spanish guy enrique who happens to be here at this internet cafe with me now. Around 11 or 12 we decided to make the long and treacherous journey downstairs and the craziness began. By 1 the place was completely packed (it's slightly larger than the top floor of claybourne), and I was so stupidly drunk I started dancing with the girls as usual, but I let things go a bit to far. I think this excerpt is destined for influence, so I will leave it for later, but rest assured, nothing too serious happened, and I am going back to meet up with these people again tonight. We'll see how things go.

But, until later sportsfans. I'm off to have some irish coffee.

Go Illini!
Days until I get back: eh, about 35, I'm too lazy to actually count.

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November 18, 2004

Ich leb noch

Yup, I still live. Although, with all this political talk about Bush loving God. I realized God didn't have any more love for my blog. In fact, it is my firm belief that God intends for me to never post in this blog again. Therefore, this will be a very short entry so my computer does not have time to realize what I am doing and crash on me.

I've basically been AWOL these past few weeks because classes finally started here. For those BFH guys who are interested, I am taking a normal class load of Control Theory, Machine Learning, Cybernetic Systems (umm...math and Game theory, kinda like CS 273/373), Electromagnetic Fields, and a VHDL computer architecture class.

So yeah, riveting stuff, right?

Other than that, I look forward to my second thanksgiving in a row here in Europe, but I look more forward to coming back to Elmhurst/Champaign for new years. Seems like the craziness at UofI continues (ala Mike's repeated nakedness), so there better be some craziness this year for new years again. Well, that, and some sort of pokerness.

I will leave you with that thought, and I will be posting something a bit more substantial tomorrow when I get back online.

Number of times a computer has crashed while writing a long entry: 6
Number of times while on my computer: 2
Final Four: Gonzaga, Illiniois, Kentucky, Wake
NCAA Champ: Illinois
Song of the last 3 months: Closer to our Graves - Lucky Boys Confusion
Favorite German Song: That one they play in the diskos all the time.

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