December 2, 2005

Christmas Love

I'm serious. You all need to buy that Charlie Brown Christmas CD for your sweeties this year. Its purfect.

But the messiah is also good Here are recomended recordings from the invaluable NPR Guide to Building a Classical CD Collection:

Margarate Marshall, Catherine Robbin, Charles Brett, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Robert Hale, Saul Quirke;
Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists / John Elliot Gardiner
This 1982recording is notable for its use of period-instruments (not the more modern orchestra we hear mostly today). Although it appears to not really be available... on Amazon anyway.

Heather Harper, Helen Watts, John Wakefield, JOhn Shirley-Quirk;
London Symphony Orchestra & Choir / Sir Colin Davis
This 1966 recording is available and is budget-friendly, especially for a 2-CD set.

A few tips if you go see the concert:
Do not clap in between each movement. The same goes for ANY multi-movement work. The sound may stop, but the piece is not over. The idea here is that the piece as a whole is what you should clap for, so as not to cause too many breaks in between, and sever the connection between movements. When everyone else around you awkwardly starts to clap after the first movement, ask yourself quietly how you got to be so awesome.

Also, people stand during the Hallelujah chorus. I didn't really know why until I read a bit about it in the NPR Guide: When George teh II heard it, he immediately stood. He was moved, I guess. At any rate, being the influential person that he was, everyone else had to stand as well. Apparently that's how the thing got started.

Have a lovely holiday!

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