November 11, 2005

Making Good

Here's all the love I promised. I mean, links... LINKS i promised.

ILikeJam's Audiophile links - A collection of the world's most rediculus audiophile hustles ever. Great stuff. - france an internet radio directory. - pakistan an internet radio directory.

A direct link to a working pakistani station - that is currently playing an english r&b song about some kinda sexy things or something. "bounce for me, shake it baby, up and down." great lyrics.

A direct link to another pakistani station - this one buffers more, but the music is waaaaaaaaay more trippy. no idea what's going on here.

Russian Radio List - As much russian internet radio as you can wrap your earmuffs around.

muffins. love and muffins. later.

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November 9, 2005

Still A Slacker

Old habbits die hard. And remembering to keep up with older habbits... wait no that doesn't make any sense. Sorry for being such a bum on the blog this year.

Here's some things in herds:
Official Site
The MySpace and The SoundClick - for the downloading of the musics.
Reviews page - for the reading of the words.

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