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September 29, 2004

The Joy of things that Work!

I got my replacement external hard drive enclosure in the mail today. Already got my HD in there. And life is good. This on is just firewire, not firewire usb2 like the last one. But this one works, making it immeasurably better than the previous one. That's what technology has to teach you about life. Its great when its going good for you, but BLOWS when it isn't. In the words of somebody else, "you can't have the sweet without the bitter." Isn't that from vanilla sky or something? Whatever... I certainly get a lot of bitter and this is certainly very sweet.

I'm going to be using this sucker to record onto from protools in the studios here and in my dorm (just keep the sessions on the drive makes syncing up a thing of the past) and recording 2-3 live concerts, INCLUDING a Sleeping at Last concert (with other AMAZING BANDS as Cool Hand Luke and the campus band Berry), and the crazy like crazy band (they have horns) anathallo, and some acoustic hymnstuffs. If you don't know Sleeping at Last, Berry, Anathalo, or Cool Hand Luke, I'm sure that that I will *not* be able to *get* those to you *at all* o r *anything* *ever*. Yeah so I'm sure I'll be posting on the boardix when it is all Accomplished.

Posted by pedalboy at September 29, 2004 5:09 PM | TrackBack
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