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March 6, 2005

Another AIM Conversation

Pedalboy007: thom yorke, elliot smith, jeff tweedy, johnny greenwood be darned
Pedalboy007: Beethoven ruled them al
Pedalboy007: He is the musical embodiment of the great black monolith from 2001
katesilvergirl: hahahahahahaha
katesilvergirl: that is cool
katesilvergirl: tolstoy said that he sucked though
Pedalboy007: tolstoy was a mitochondrion compared to beethoven
Pedalboy007: i mean, c'mon, what did tolstoy ever do??
katesilvergirl: hahaha
katesilvergirl: only write anna karenina, in my top five books of all time list
Pedalboy007: he's only top five
Pedalboy007: what a loser has-been
katesilvergirl: hahahahahaha
Pedalboy007: he never got any chicks thats for sure
katesilvergirl: that is relaly really good for me though
katesilvergirl: hahaha
katesilvergirl: did beethoven?
Pedalboy007: oh yeah man......
Pedalboy007: ummm
Pedalboy007: sure...
Pedalboy007: he had to beat them off with his baton
katesilvergirl: stop lying
Pedalboy007: you wondered why his hair always looked like that
Pedalboy007: cuz he was the original beatle
katesilvergirl: haahhahahaha
katesilvergirl: he looks more like albert einstein
Pedalboy007: ha
Pedalboy007: that too
Pedalboy007: albert einstein got tons of chicks too
Pedalboy007: at least before he wouldn't acknolege or study quantum theory
Pedalboy007: darn ol' einstein should have known physics wasn't ready for unification just yet
katesilvergirl: hahahahaha
Pedalboy007: oh man kate
Pedalboy007: i'm losing my mind
Pedalboy007: i wish i could just get it over with though
katesilvergirl: oh geez, matt
katesilvergirl: i know how you feel
katesilvergirl: what would it be like for you to go crazy
katesilvergirl: what form would it take?
Pedalboy007: i would jump in and out of consciousness... i would do things and do not know why or remember them when i regained consciousness. I would stare at my own actions like a tourist in a foriegn country. I would stare, eyes unfocused, making people uncomfortable when they think i am looking at them. I would have anxiety attacks. I would still be a creative being, but my creations would no longer make any sense to anyone but me, and then they would only make sense to me as I was creating them, never after.
Pedalboy007: i would take everything to its logical extreme
Pedalboy007: i think the last part is the worst


I already take things to their logical extreme occasionally. Funny how sometimes I feel guilty about it. Doing this shows the absurdity of commonly accepted things. I do it mostly out of a fascination for Dada. Trying to "create paradigm shifts" and all that. But that only works when other people understand what you are doing, which is seldom, and if they are already aware enough to understand your actions, they aren't the ones that need to learn it anyway.


Books you need to read, world:
Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig.
Welcome to the Monkey House, Kurt Vonnegut.

Posted by pedalboy at March 6, 2005 4:43 PM | TrackBack

The Stranger--Albert Camus

you forgot that one.

and i feel you on the craziness thing. i mean c'mon...i'm studying philosophy.

Posted by: john at March 7, 2005 2:44 PM

Matt should have already read the Stranger in high school if he'd been paying any attention in english. I do like that book though. I mean come on, remember the paradoy "I killed someone, whatever, I do what want."

Posted by: Allison at March 8, 2005 5:15 PM
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