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February 19, 2007

Song-A-Week #8: Not Yourself

Okay so I got everything done on this song except for the bass - but then the little battery-powered fender practice amp I got (Silverface Dave, for those in the know) fell of his little perch and hit the reset button on my computer. I was kinda miffed, but, being a consummate saver, I knew that I wouldn't lose much work. Well..... Something wasn't working right and the "saved" version of my file had NO AUDIO in it. it wasn't even set to the right tempo... it was from a previous idea. POOPS!!!!!!

So i had to reimport all my audio files, re-synch them up, re-crossfade them, and rerecord one verse of vocals. Poot. took forever. At least the song made it here.

A bit of a story with this one: This is not an ENTIRELY new song. I used an idea with a couple lines I had written a while ago. I had to reallllly write a lot more though, so its a new song. Nobody else has heard it anyway. I put the original demo I did of it on the podcast version too... there's a link to just the song here if you like as well.

Not Yourself - Podcast with some talking & an early demo - Song Only.
(C) 2007 Matt Good.

You're not yourself
You couldn't let anyone else sort you out
You hung out a white flag and acted surprised
when I dropped by

You've got a cage
you keep half yourself in while half of you plays
you lost track of time and acted surprised
when half of you died.

Hand me a pen
I want to color inside your lines
i don't mean to offend
I think if I drew you that you'd be surprised

I'm letting you know
In a manner of speaking.

You want a fight
What would you do if I said it's alright?
It might disarm you when you realize
that I'm on your side.

And you want to drive
You said you want more than just tryin to survive
You think that detraction's a clever disguise
for bein half alive

Hand me a pen
I want to color inside your lines
i don't mean to offend
I think if I drew you that you'd be surprised

I'm calling you back home
In a manner of speaking

But don't shut me down
You aren't the only one here comin around.
Don't force out one of the few who knows
what you need most.

Hand me a pen
I want to color inside your lines
i don't mean to offend
I think if I drew you that you'd be surprised

I'll never get tired
I always get lost in the blacks of your eyes
I've always admired
the way you can keep me just outside your life.

You're fate is my own
In a manner of speaking
I'm calling you my own
In a manner of speaking

Posted by pedalboy at February 19, 2007 2:37 AM | TrackBack

Actually, its uh... still pretty much a demo. Hahaha.

I like how you're doing the podcast. Keep doing that! Maybe I'm retarded, but I'd like to hear a bit about where the song came from and so on each week.

One question for you... did having to redo the entire song (for the most part, mixing and such at least) seem to give you a better version? I find that doing something over that i JUST did ends up giving me a slightly better version because I already know how I want it

I love the miniature "build-up tease" where you think it might totally break down for a minute... but then kicks right back in. Usually that pisses me off, but it works really well here (1:55 or so)

I don't have much to add this week so i'll just rate it? (out of 5)

song structure - 4.5
lyrics - 3.75
replayability (2x weighted) - 4.5
"feel" - 4.0 (i'm sure that was on your mind from last week. you nailed it as far as I'm concerned)

*4.3 overall. Thats a pretty good judge of how much I like it in comparison to your other songs as well. Good show this week, as usual.

Posted by: Dan Costalis at February 19, 2007 10:44 AM

I like this song a lot. No comments, just yay. And I like the idea of the podcast as well.

Posted by: Kristina at February 19, 2007 5:39 PM

This song is second favorite to Worlds Unknown, which is, if you know me, haha, saying a lot. I love Worlds Unknown.

This song feels like Red Raindrop to me minus sadness plus hopeful, yet not sappy, real, and not major motion picture, sandpaper love.

I think that makes sense, let me read it again. Yeah, it does.

This song will sound fantastic with a live kit. Especially if it came in with a good cymbal hit and such around 1:50, building to the chorus.

I'd cut out the lead guitar in the 2nd stanza of first verse unless you make less intrusive. It distracts me from your melody, and lyrics too much.

Intro is great, I like all the processing and ambiance (pronounced OM-BI-ON-SS). Is that more delay pedal stuff or whatsit?

I like the lyrics a lot too. We want harmonies though on key phrases, and chorus.

Try playing the bass line with a slide, and tune the E string real low, see what happens...

Last thing, I bought a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 today. It sounds so good. Anyway, we're recording again this weekend, so maybe you can hear some early stuff...

Posted by: Chase at February 19, 2007 6:57 PM

Dan - no... Redoing it didn't really help. I know what you're talking about though. Sometimes it does. But this time I had the mix tweaked better, and by the time I got the thing nearly reassembled, i was tired, so I went over the mix with a larger umm paintbrush than I did before. Mostly I was just too tired and had things pretty good before the reboot.

Chase, its got that build sorta that red raindrop has. Mmm yeah this one needs real drums. I'm thinking more seth than ethan, if you get my drift. For something like worlds unknown, more ethan than seth, but this more seth. yeah. that. Actually, that little guitar line you don't like... That was just me doodling. Then i edited it out. Then my computer rebooted. Then i forgot to edit it out after I reimported the audio file. I think its distracting too. But all i gotta say is THANKS BE TO FREAKIN GOD IN HEAVEN FOR PROTOOLS SPOT MODE. Seriously. Spot mode. Kicks ass.

That ambiance - that's the same trick I pulled on "metaphor." I hook up an electric guitar with some delay - not an insane amount, but plenty. And i fret the chords with my left hand while I kinda oscillate the slide over the 12-ish fret with my right. It makes WIIIERD sounds, sometimes actually related to the chord being played. All the electrics on this song are the goldfish through Silverface Dave, and this technique sounds much different on the goldfish than it did on whatever I was using for metaphor - probably the yamaha. Lots of cool high harmonics. Anyway... I really like that trick. There's not too much processing on it... just a healthy amount of delay.

Fulltone, eh? Didn't steve sebastian use one of those? Bluesey or what?

Posted by: matty at February 19, 2007 11:44 PM

I, like Chase, think that this is my favorite song second only to Worlds Unknown. This song's got the potential for an intro with balls. Listen to "The birth and death of day" off of Explosions in the Sky's new album or some flaming lips stuff from the soft bulletin. maybe adding some vocal harmonies in the beginning like "house of the rising sun" or something like that. I love (read: LOVE LOVE LOVE) the ambient stuff that you do. the trick with the slide and delay i would do on "revive me" all the time cept i would throw on a huge amount of reverb and use the ebow. that makes it sound pretty cool.

lyrically, i think this is the strongest song you've written yet. I love "hand me a pen/i want to color inside of your lines". that is the balls matt. and so are you. I will not let you record this song without me on it in some way.

Posted by: John at February 20, 2007 2:47 PM

Hmm, yeah.

Well, I think all around the Fulltone pedal is just a really good overdrive plain and simple. Can be bluesy, can be rocking, can be metal, can be just a tad also...

I think Steve used a Sparkle Drive. Chesnut used a Fulldrive though.

Posted by: Chase at February 20, 2007 5:38 PM

This is my favorite song you've done so far. Keep it up, a few more songs and you can record an album.

I also liked hearing a little bit of intro before the song. That would be a nice addition.

Posted by: Dan at February 21, 2007 6:02 PM
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