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March 13, 2007

Song-A-Week Bonus: #11

So remember when i said there wouldn't be a song this week? That was a half-truth. Here's one I wrote a while ago and demo'd on my cruddy laptop's mic. It should hold you over at least until monday. Since I haven't really been coming up with actual titles for my songs lately and have just been using the first line instead, this song is called "Friend, If You Won't Listen." This song only sorta counts, because I wrote it a while ago, so its not new this week, like the others are. But it is new to you, so that's something... Isn't it?

Editors Note: Actually, that isn't the first line... If we were really using the first line, this song would be called, "Friend, If You're So Sullen," but it's not, so we're not. Who wrote this, anyway?

Oh and I've been working on coooool things for the site. Like a flash-based music player that will let you listen to all the songs from the Song-A-Week project, "The Shortest Distance..." as well as "The Falling Action," if you should desire to do so. I will of course post a blog about it when it is completed. Just letting you know I am not dead, I guess. Here's the song, without any further ado:

Friend, If You Won't Listen
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good.

Friend, if you're so sullen
that you can't do a thing
to make yourself feel better,
do it for me.

Cuz I am floating through my days
I not walking, I levitate
I can't think, can't eat
till you awake

You will lie right to your face
and hide out in your private place
No one else gets in until
its too late

Friend, I know its hard to see
that soft and sweet the lies may be
there is something ugly

So hold on
to my hand
Find something
makes you warm inside
makes you come alive.

I'm a jealous person and
I am not one to let my friends
pull away from me
to hurt themselves

Whether or not you like it,
I am going to make you believe.
Cuz I need you more than
you need me.

So hold on
to my hand
Find someone
makes you come alive
happy for a while

I am floating through my days
I do not walk, I levitate
I can't think, I can't eat till
you awake.


haha... I was just listening back to the song to make sure I had my lyrics right, and i just heard my talking at the end there... Real technical jargon, you know, using big words like "floating stuff." ::Sigh:: oh well, most of you know I'm a dweeb already, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

Also, I've got an idea where I write one song and do an acoustic-and-vocal-only demo of it, then for the following few weeks, I record that same song a few different ways, just to see where I can take it. pretty much the same idea Wilco was messing with that you see in the documentary "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart." Anyone think that's a good idea?

Posted by pedalboy at March 13, 2007 10:03 PM | TrackBack

Good idea?
Why you ask?
Because that means less new songs.
I want more new songs.

Posted by: Chase at March 14, 2007 5:11 PM

Actually, that's not a half-bad idea. But I honestly do want more songs rather than more mixes... I feel like that part of the album creation should come later on.

I was thinking about this whole project a little bit, and I think it would be cool to do a couple of things:
1) Write and demo 30+ songs, well, probably more, maybe 40-50.
2) Pick the best ones, probably no more than 20 if you write less than 50.
3) Record them again with all the production and such.
4) Widdle out the ones that don't work.
5) Adjust the remaining and/or widdle out some more until you're in the teens somewhere.
6) Put the album track list together. Tweak.
7) New Conrad album.

Then, after that, you'll have a bunch of b-sides you can make eps of, and "singles" with two b-sides, haha.
I was also thinking, you could send me a stems mix with the session file and I could track whatever you want, which I would like very, very much. I'll probably be buying a new computer, a oo2 (or maybe a 003), an octopre, mics and such in the next several months. We could do that whole "postal service" thing as JB describes it.

Anyway, what do you think?

Good song this week too, even if it is old. I'm still waiting for that other old song to see life on the blog too... you know which one.

Posted by: Chase at March 14, 2007 9:00 PM

Well chase I wasn't quite talking about remixing - I was talking more about drastic re-recording of the same song in a totally different style.. Like in the wilco movie when they do Kamera as a punk song.

I like your idea. In theory. I'm starting to hit the wall for song ideas though I think. I think i can get over it but its getting tough. Getting to 50 might be tough. I'll keep plugging though.

Lets see... to do an album with 15 good songs, about how many songs would I need to write? I've written 11 so far, and of those, 5 are probably good enough and diverse enough to be "album-worthy." That's about a 1 in 2 average... Which means I should write 40 songs to have 20 to cull from. I'll make that my goal I guess.

Allegedly, JB is looking at getting some version of the 'Tools too, so we can be an unstoppable force. Holy Frick, there's a Digi003 now! I didn't know that! But... it pretty much looks like the same old same old... the only new useful features I see are BNC word clock and some assorted plugins. Probably not worth the extra cost, IMHO. Anyway, what mics are you gonna get? Glad to hear you're upgrading. I will most DEFINITELY have you play on a lot of my stuff. THAT WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN. And if I can score some space over here, perhaps I can get sethy to drum. Oh and I got the "electromechanical" refill for reason which is cool. but random.

*that* song is coming. I need to get those songs down on paper or mp3 somewhere soon so I don't forget them.

Posted by: matty at March 14, 2007 11:41 PM

Yeah, I knew what you meant. It's not that I think it's a bad idea, I just think you should wait to do that part of the album making process until after you've written the bulk of songs, and wittled it down... so on, and so forth into oblivion.

Know what I'm saying? What if you guitar/vocal a demo that's not quite as good as some of the next songs you use, and you have three or so versions of a song you don't even use? Who knows what's gonna come out of that mind of Good.

Anyway, I'm about to demo some stuff.

Posted by: Chase at March 15, 2007 6:47 PM

I like the idea, but I'd still like LOTS of new stuff too. So do both.

Posted by: Kristina at March 16, 2007 2:25 PM

Matty, this is BY FAR my favorite song you have written... out of the song-a-week songs, anyway. Do you know why I think that is? No? Well, I shall tell you.

I feel like with these new songs you haven't really made your listener FEEL anything. I think that's why your last record was so good. You wrote some of it while Kristin was in France and you were in agony. You wrote some of it in a joyful state when she came back and then when you got engaged. So many of those songs made me feel so strongly. And that's the way I like my music. Some songs can be fun or whatever, but I don't really like my songs meaningless. Maybe you need another life-changing event to happen... like the frustration of trying to find a job and plan a wedding... but alas, you've already done those things. And it's not that I'm saying that something terrible has to happen to you in order for you to write a good song... it was just something I was thinking about today when I was listening to all your songs right in a row.

I didn't feel anything about them until this song. This song made me want to listen to it over and over and over and over and over... and over. Because I FELT something and THOUGHT about things when I heard it. It meant something to me.

I disagree with Chase too about the "no remixing" of songs deal. I rather like that idea. And I feel like any advice you take from Jeff Tweedy is most certainly going to set you up for success. haha. Just kidding (mostly).

Alright, that all being said. I'm done.

Posted by: katie knows best at April 4, 2007 1:17 PM
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