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July 3, 2007

Song-A-Week #21: Star City

In keeping with the 'Cosmonaut Rock' theme...

...which may or may not exist anywhere except for in my head...'s a tune called "Star City." It is weird. I'm not sure I like it. I think the lyrics are cool in a quirky sort of way. The music is kinda wierd, it sounds like songs I write when I try to write loud angry electric guitar songs. Which is pretty formulaic, in my opinion.

Read up on Star City on Wikipedia, and it will make more sense.

(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

I wanna go to Star City
The skies are clean, but the streets are gritty
Rockets designed by committee
Yuri Gagarin, Star City

Ten pm, Tennessee, cool breeze, the earth
is trying hard to flirt with me, but I
been counting stars and naming other planets
and no jealous wind is gonna take me for granted.
I packed my things, I got everything I need
candy bars, a telescope, and books I'll never read
I'll have left my friends, and I'll never see them
but at least that way, we'll have a good reason.

I wanna go to Star City
The skies are clean, but the streets are gritty
Earthbound people, what a pity
I wanna leave Star City

Take a train, take a car, take a cab,
no matter what you take, yeah, the route's still flat.
Baby where we're going, horizons don't exist
The only frame of reference is the one inside your chest.
Pass by the guards with the AK-47s
Grab a quick look, they're the guardians of heaven.
Maybe one day, we'll be in that museum
as the first two captive hearts that finally freed them.

I wanna go to Star City
The skies are clean, but the streets are gritty
Rockets designed by committee
Yuri Gagarin, Star City

I've been west, north, east and south
Through the atmosphere is the only way out
So you made a mess you wanna to leave behind
Wanna go somewhere without a critical eye
So you pack a bag and move through Siberia
To chase a dream you can't know till you find it here, you're
leaving now for some place desolate and
where the loneliness at least is reciprocated

We're headed out to Star City
A pilgrimage for the lost and pitied
Hitch a ride with someone pretty
We're gonna go to Star City


I played my new-and-improved fixed-up Sorento on for the guitars on this one. Through the Tech 21.

The details on the Sorento fixes... Well I ripped off the old crappy tuners and replaced them, which was a pain because they are 6-in-line but they are NOT the standard 6-in-line ferrule diameter. So i rigged it up with paper rolled up in there and wood glue, but you can't tell AT ALL. They also are farther apart than normal 6-in-lines, so i had to eyeball the straightness of them... the angle they come off the headstock. One is a little -not perfect- if you look at it long enough. But oh well. That freaking wood is soft too. Better not have to replace those ever again or things could get interesting. Okay so I replaced the volume and tone controls because they scratched a lot, and replaced the jack with a new one, so the sucker makes no noises it shouldn't anymore. I added a string tee to the B and E strings so they no longer fly off the nut when you strum hard. I cleaned the contacts on the pickup selector switches pretty extensively (which was scary, cuz that thing is WIERD) and they work right now... so that's good. Cleaned the whole thing up a lot and put some lemon oil on the fingerboard... It plays good and sounds muuuuch better now. freakin awesome.

The drums are a rough-mixed, slowed down, protoolsized, and looped sample from Seth playing on "Worlds Unknown," which I think has a sort of similar feel to this one.

That's pretty much all I got on this one. yeah.

Posted by pedalboy at July 3, 2007 11:02 PM | TrackBack

Whoa, its like a real band n stuff... even a bass line! I was sold at cosmonaut rock, and then I enjoyed the song too. I think if you only made space rock from now on I wouldn't be sad.

Posted by: dank at July 5, 2007 12:25 AM

at this rate, you'll be able to produce an entire space-themed concept album by year's end.

Posted by: mallio at July 5, 2007 9:10 AM

I think this song is okay. It's kind of boring to me, I think it could use a few beats more per minutes, if you catch my drift. That oughta help a good bit. I think if this songs makes it to a "final" version it needs quite a bit of character to make it interesting, being that the song is about quite an interesting place.

I'm thinking you should listen to a lot of Our Lady Peace Happiness Is Not a Fish You Can Catch for some "noise-rock" guitar sounds. The guitarist who was in that band at that time is incredible, especially at getting very noisy sounds while still playing full chords and sounding good...

The vocals need something, but I'm not sure what. Maybe different timbres here and there as well as dynamics. It's the same sorta nasely sound the whole way through, we need parts that are more cleanly sung, more nasely sung, more gutteral, etc... Change it up.

I think the lyrics are a good idea, but the song doesn't say enough. Either the the "story" of Star City needs to be more developed with more for the listener to picture, or there needs to be more said about why you want leave where you're at. Altogether better may be a story about an inhabitant of Star City, why he/she/they wanted to leave where they were, and why Star City didn't fulfill them the way they thought it did, or something of that nature. I feel like the lyrics how they are are too much a repeat of previous Space-themed songs but this time with "Star City" inserted.

Last critique, this will definitely need a live kit in the end, with a lot of accents 'cause the loop's not adding anything (understood that this is a demo, but I wouldn't feel ethically right not saying it... bwahah)

I like the guitar chords, they're interesting. It got me imagining overdubs I'd do.....

Posted by: Chase at July 6, 2007 5:36 PM

Congrats on finally fixing up the Sorento too. Post some pictures for me to see the changes...

Posted by: Chase at July 6, 2007 5:37 PM

And I wanna hear Worlds Unknown plus Seth very, very badly.

Posted by: Chase at July 6, 2007 5:37 PM
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