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August 14, 2007

Song-A-Week #26: Two Things

Actually, on second thought, this song might be better called "what I know." Maybe. maybe not. two things sounds cooler.

Okay this song is sorta about the difference between where you are and where you are going. Life is both, isn't that odd? Dissatisfaction with where you are - its natural, and sortof annoying. And what happens when you emphasize the one over the other, as I often do? What I mean by all that is happiness is both the easiest and hardest thing to find. It's always there, all you have to do is be satisfied with your life. That doesn't seem that hard or that bad, and you can do it anytime... But we don't, or at least I don't. Its "the grass is greener" all over again. Its so hard for me to be content with anything, and couple that with the fact that I'm a worrier and... well, you get songs like this.

Two Things
Copyright (C) 2007 Matthew C Good

oh dear
its all that i have
it's not much
but its all that i have

oh my lord
could it be so simple?
it's enough
and it's all that I have

I have flown like pinwheels,
my tin wings turned to dust
there are only two things
that I have come to trust
They are contradicting but
they both are true enough
to stand alone
it's what I know

don't you think
that somewhere else is better
don't you know
your head is a liar

life is a journey
its a river we must cross
but we are standing on both sides
of this paradox

Cuz we're always going somewhere
but we're aching to get lost
we're staring out the window
adding up the cost,
and we are missing out.


No bass on this one, specifically so that Ian McD won't have to listen to my drivel when he lays down his crazy-insane mad skills. Sorento didn't sound good on this one for some reason, so its the yamaha. man I love all things yamaha.

Posted by pedalboy at August 14, 2007 11:54 PM | TrackBack

I like the melody on this song. I think it could be sped up a few bpms. I think it would be kind of cool too, a fast poppy, perhaps driving song wth depressing lyrics. Very Good-esque. Ending of the song seems kind of out of place to me with the emphasized "down to the minor chord" part. Not really bad, but seems like it needs to be elsewhere earlier in the song for it to make more sense at the end. I think the repeat of the verse/chorus at the end could be nixed and the song would still be good. Seems a little long to me. But then again, with some more production could work.

I think "don't you know you're head is a liar" could be rendered "heart" and maybe be more accurate. It seems, at least with me, that the dissatisfaction with life is more emotional than it is logical. I feel slighted because I'm not making as much money as I feel I deserve, am as important or doing as important of things as I think I am and should be, etc. Just a thought.

Tin wings turning to dust is some serious shit. It sounds like you're using too strong of a stringent...

Posted by: Chase at August 16, 2007 11:17 PM

lyrically, i think this is one of your strongest songs. the lines that chase mentioned especially. however, musically i'm just not feeling it that much. to me it seems too straightforward. i would maybe try one of those things where you record a whole bunch of parts not making full chords and then take out the acoustic or bring it really low in the mix.

i do think that the life is a journey line is a bit hokey...i think you could word that better. the melody on this song is good too and it would probably sound really good with a driving beat behind it. maybe something like interpol...a real tight beat matched with bass.

Posted by: John at August 21, 2007 4:56 PM

i like it matty...
thats all.

Posted by: jacobeck at August 27, 2007 11:05 PM
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