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September 19, 2007

Song-A-Week #27: Sex and Gadgetry

Hello, my sweet chinchillas!

Song-A-Week is BACK - with an attitude, a new haircut, and a (oddly enough) some kind of bizarrely-colored rash that I really autta get checked out. Jeez, that's awkward.

Dang, I must be in a silly mood tonight. Well, here's #27: An old one called "Sex and Gadgetry." This was originally written at the end of senior year at Greenville, and i was never able to record it or demo it because the guitars I had up to now would get nasty-out-of-tune when you played as high up on the neck as this song needs. But I just started playing kristin's nice fender acoustic. It has a really nice bright happy sound, with more sustain. And its more in tune than my old Epiphone (or at least out of tune differently). So I finally got around to demoing it, and here it is. Sorry, the audio sucks - things are still a bit crazy around the studio after the move.

Sex and Gadgetry
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

So sell me on sex and gadgetry,
I almost believe you.
Beautiful people loving me,
I almost believe you.
Cuz I feel warm when I'm buying something
I feel warm when I'm going somewhere
and not when I'm there.

Gonna buy me another eastern philosophy,
I collect them.
Gonna get me excess eccentricity,
I need it.
And I feel dead when I don't have coffee,
cuz headaches and heartaches all mean something's

buh-buh-buh, buh-do-buh, buh-do-buh, buh-duh-bum.
buh-buh-buh, buh-do-dum, bud-do-dum, buh-dum-buh-dum.

So sell me a lifestyle from the magazines,
I want to be you.
Oppress me a thousand middle classes.
Don't you want to?
Cuz I'm tired of fighting natural consumer urges.
Let me become the focus of my own hatred,
you might as well cash in.

Sell me on sex and gadgetry,
beautiful people loving me,
I want believe you.


Yeah - so the audio sucks. But the song could be cool with the right production. Sounds good with the Nashville Hi-Strung Acoustic. Caitlin (chase's girl) played that sucker when me and my ragtag band played this on hogue steps that one time to a rousing crowd of at least 5 people.

Just what, you ask, IS a Nashville Hi-Strung Acoustic? Well, its an acoustic guitar that you string up with just the high set of strings from a 12-string guitar. So the lower-pitched 4 strings are actually tuned an octave up, and the b and e strings are the same. You end up with a really cool sound that is a mix between a harpsichord, a mandolin, and an acoustic guitar. neat stuff. I haven't used it in a long time, since uh, its been at home... Maybe I'll go grab it at thanksgiving time.

On a side note - I started working on a song the other day that makes me more excited than I've been about a song since... Well... i don't know, maybe standoff, vision, or you know where I'll be. Or maybe not even those. This song makes me really happy. So far. And its the kind of song that I could see getting picked up by a non-screwed-up band, so if any of you have any songwriter-publishing contacts, I might be asking you to call in some favors in a few weeks. ha. peace out dudes.

Posted by pedalboy at September 19, 2007 12:26 AM | TrackBack

matty...this is the song that i've been waiting to hear all year long. hell, since we played it on the steps of hogue i've wanted to hear it again. looking back over the lyrics...i think that the level of sarcasm in them deserves an equally ballsy or at the very least angsty musical accompaniment. perhaps something along the lines of control-era pedro the lion (i'm thinking specifically of the song indian summer). i also think that in the first verse, when you start doing the muted strums...maybe have the whole thing get really quiet and then build up.

i think this needs a weird analogue synth too. just a thought.

Posted by: John at September 19, 2007 7:21 PM
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