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February 21, 2008

More Tetras

Kristin and I were finally able to track down more tetras on the other side of the city tonight, so after getting lost and turning around several times, we finally cleaned out the cardinal tetra stock at the 2nd petsmart in nashville. Now there are none in like a 30 mile radius. jeeeezz they are hard to find sometimes. But they are cool little suckers.

Fish are very sensitive to their water conditions, and these fish are kinda sensitive in particular. Sudden changes in things like ph, chemical composition, temperature, hardness, and cleanliness can stress fish out, even if its a change "for the better." So its best to slowly adjust the fish to their new water.

The most commonly-suggested way to do this is to float the bag that the fish come in at the top of your aquarium for about 15 minutes and then add the fish. The theory here is that the temperatures will be equalized and that is the most important part. That may be true, but it is a much less than perfect method. The water can be heated by the florescent lamps and this method does nothing to adjust for chemical differences which can really freak fish out. If they aren't used to the water chemically, they can have a hard time breathing (through their gills, ya know?) and that's not good for anybody.

We did this last time with our cardinal tetras and the fish had a rough time making the transition. A couple of them actually were belly-up for a few seconds before they came to. Not what you like to see.

We found a better way of doing it. You put the fish in a small quarantine container and slowly take out some of the old water and replace it with the new water. Badda-bing, badda-boom, your fish are a WHOLE LOT LESS FREAKED when you add em.

After we added the new guys, they immediately started schooling with the old guys. They're super-cute. There's one guy, we call him "Lemon," he's the littles of the bunch and when we added him, his dorsal was clamped down a bit, and he had like no red or blue/green color - he was all pale yellow. In like three minutes though, he started getting some color back and perking up. He'll always be little Lemon, though.

Oh, and here's some more pictures of the corys feeding.

See the one in the front here?

That one's ol' blackeyes. Or blackie. He seems to be the smartest, least psycho of the bunch. All the other corys will be freaking out, swimming up and down the side of the tank, and blackie will be eating excess food off the log. Good ol' blackeyes. What a good fish


That's all I got for now. The [submersible] fish cam will be coming soon[-ish].

Posted by pedalboy at February 21, 2008 12:21 AM | TrackBack

A vile of bloods? Are you teaching these fish to eat human flesh?

Posted by: Dan K at February 21, 2008 10:16 AM

no... i'm not planning an elaborate and impossible scheme to breed beast-fish of the undead to eat human fleshes, and then deploy them through the internet tubes to do my evile and merciless bidding... that would be ridiculous.

and no, i haven'fft lost thdree finggers alreddy.

Posted by: evil_genius at February 21, 2008 11:07 AM
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