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i (heart) interactivity!
Some junky bad demos coming.
Coffee House and My Own National Holiday.
On Cool Hacks and Miracles...
New song - "gather all your things" is a terrible title.
New Idea - Hey Now Baby.
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October 18, 2004

i (heart) interactivity!

as the first entry to engage in the new interactivity i feel special. so here is a poem. i think it sounds better if you read it fast. if you can tell me what i was listening/reading in the 48 hours before writing it then you get a cookie. -kate


Twice red
Four times green
love hate
Audrey Hepburn on a postage stamp
That’s what I thought you’d say
Living loud
Without regret
Living within the nonexistent
Opening doors that lead to
I want your sympathy, empathy, company
Twice meant, never sent
Leaving off at the verb
“big conflagration”
I am living proof that without me I could not live
In one sort of world
Less productive
Than desirable
Desiring production
Underneath an umbrella
Inside the confines
Now available
In three sizes
Lucy in a box

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Thanks to the GREAT KORDIKI, I am pleased to announce the newest feature to the pedalboy blog - INTEREACTIVITY!!!!!

I want anyone reading this who writes songs, lyrics, music, poetry, short stories, ANYTHING to feel free to post them here and we can all comment on them and stuff. All you need to do is go to or the main kordix page and log into the blog with this username and password:

User: anonymous
Pass: workshop

And please POST STUFF!!! If you don't voluntarily, I'm going to start making people. And you won't like me then.

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Some junky bad demos coming.

So in my goal to sort of turn this blog into something of a songwriting (or whatever writing) workshop for the internets of people, I'm currently transferring this tape of demos I made on this junky panasonic handheld tape recorder. I use it to get ideas down before i forget them. But I've been using the same tape for years and years, and it finally ran out. So I'm transferring the stuff to digital - but there's some stuff on here that I haven't heard in millions (yes, millions) of years. Just barely after that dirty little album that nobody talks about. Hows that for old? Anyway I'm going to post some of them up here I think as an intellectual curiosity to (hopefully) show some progress. Anyway its a good way to get some crappy demos of some recent stuff out there too. So in the next few hours/days, be looking for them.

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October 13, 2004

Coffee House and My Own National Holiday.

FlashAMO7: that does it, its officially Matt Good Wednesday appreciation night

Ah yes, that is a good pick me up.

I think i'm gonna play some new songs tonight at the coffe house. so come see me.
or something.

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October 12, 2004

On Cool Hacks and Miracles...

Ok so first thihngs first. There's a cool site that's cool. go there and learn cool stuff. like how to make a $30 ramjet.

But now on to the real point of this blog entry.

C.S. Lewis says that a miracle is the religous interpretationof an event. I'm not sure I completely agree with that. I mean, I think God has a will, and if something happens because of God's will, isn't that a miracle? The pointisn't that I *say* it's a miracle. Its a miracle whether I know it is or not. The point is that God worked in the world, via natural phenomena or supernatural. That's the miracle really, God getting involved in the world.

Ok well maybe i'll post some more songs I've been working on later today or something...

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New song - "gather all your things" is a terrible title.

I dont' have a name yet really. Has coolish chords, with a ii chord and whatnot. PLEASE leave comments.

Gather all your things and leave them by the street.
You know where I'll be
Get up off your knees and follow me.
You know where I'll be.

Wherever there's a will there's a way.
I want you to find me.
From where I stand there's no other way.
You know where I'll be.

Even lightening finds its way to the ground.
Find your way to me.
Even fire knows that it too can drown.
Drown yourself in me... Drown yourself in me.

And don't let anybody tell you what you need.
I know you need me.
Cuz love never came packaged in greed.
You were made for me.
You know where I'll be.

(shifts to a more minor tonality using a minor vi chord instead of the I.)

I pine away and I try to hear your voice
When its not cursing me.
I want to let my angels rejoice
If you'd only speak to me.

(i'm going to pick one of the following two verses, vote on which is better.)

Option A:
I know how you feel waiting by the phone,
waiting here on bended knee.
I know I have to let you alone,
If I want you to be free.

Option B:
Give an ear and try to filter out the noise.
Silence was the killer of me.
And you that I have no other choice
If I want you to be free.

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October 10, 2004

New Idea - Hey Now Baby.

So like 4 or 5 pretty good songs have fallen out of my skull in the past week or so, so I figured I'd share one with whoever decides to read this thing. The lyrics are printed below and you can listen to a crappy demo of what I have of it so far at now baby demo.mp3. This is still a work in progress, but here it is as of 10-9-04.

Hey Now Baby.

C'mon baby, I wanna go to your place.
C'mon baby, I wanna see that look on your face.
Hey now darling, I wanna take you away.
Hey now darling, I want you tell me okay.

And you can lead the way where to go.
I can't even tell you how I've missed you so.

C'mon baby, I wanna see your smile.
Alright baby, I wanna catch your eye.
I hope you know its ok, cuz i dig your style.
So put your baggage away, i'm gonna make you mine.

And you can lead the way where to go.
I can't even tell you how I've missed you so.
And you can take me any where you go.
I can't even let myself let you go.

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