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Great Wave
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April 30, 2007

Song-A-Week: Firestorm

Man I really like this one. I hope you do too. It's got fake drums and everything! I think this is song #17... I THINK. Not sure.

(Copyright 2007 Matthew C Good)

a multiple alarm
fire in a storm
some things never pass
I just count to ten
and take a breath again
the wrong things never pass
the right things never last

The water's taking turns
with the fire as it burns
I don't want you to know
I'm just taking stock
Counting what I got
I don't want you to know
this wreckage in my soul

It's like I forgot how to sing
while i was learning how to live
It's like I forgot how to smile
while I was looking at myself again

Now there's nothing left
but a couple moral debts
There's nothing for me here
I'd fight this if I could
If I thought it'd do some good
There's nothing for me here
Now that you've disappeared

It's like I lost control
It's like I didn't know
We were lost before we started
It's like I wasn't there
As if you didn't care
It's like you broke my heart
Like it wasn't hard

The rain is coming down
It's washin me out
I'm still burning up
My surroundings start to spin
as the dizziness sets in
I think i need to breathe
But I'm crying convulsively

It's like I forgot how to sing
While I was learning how to live
You know we were lost at sea
before we ever started
It's like you shoulda known
i was gonna let you go.

A multiple alarm
fire in a storm
a loose metaphor,
A kind of cold war


I heard a song by the band Blonde Redhead and I was immediately inspired - reallllllly cool stuff. If I had more time, I'd produce it a bit like that, with really cool ambient guitar swells in the background to give you that slightly weightless overwhelming feeling. Man it was good. I wanted to put guitars and piano in this one, but i ran out of time on the guitars, and i already used my synth thinger for the rhodes, so the piano was out.

oh and i think the ending tag is a direct ripoff of Kamera by wilco. dangit.

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April 28, 2007

Funnies #2

The Deathstar Planning Phase One




Perhaps Stormtroopers want iPods too


Arrested Stormtrooper



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April 23, 2007

Song-A-Week: Any Happier

Another "Not-Really-New" new song this week. Kristin and I had a friend over this weekend and I didn't really have time (read: i haven't had any inspiration lately, read: I have been really tired lately) to knock out a new one. Needs drums, like pretty much ALL these songs. I was going for a little bit of an Aimee Mann Lost in Space feel with the keyboards, but I don't think I hit it. Whatever, its not too bad.

Any Happier
Copyright (C) 2006 Matthew C Good

Diamond Rings
Pretty things
Roaming hearts
and selfish dreams

and jealousy

Don't you know?
there's no way I can make you any happier
than you make yourself
and I can't become your savior
if you won't save yourself.

Open road
to the west coast
foolish games
fool's gold.

mobile phones,
student loans
mobile lives,
no way home

Don't you know?
There's no way I can make you any happier
than you make yourself
and I can't become your savior
if you won't save yourself.

Breathe in and you'll see
You'll see

There's no way I can make you any happier
than you make yourself
and I can't become your savior
if you won't save yourself.


Well, that ending dude needs some drums to rock its face off. Without it it comes off as being strange and sorta outta place, but I have faith it will work.

Thanks to chase for engineering the original acoustic / vocals on this demo. I don't think there's really anything too tricky engineering-wise going on here... probably the most odd thing being running keyboard parts through guitar amps, which I do pretty much all the time.

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April 16, 2007

Great Wave

Great Wave - Pickled Remix

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April 8, 2007

Song-A-Week: Punk Tune

This song is actually called "Is This What You Really Want" but for obvious reasons, I just refer to it as my "punk tune." This is not a new song this week... I had this song laying around the hard drive before I got the idea for Song A Week. But its Easter weekend and I wanted to have a little free time to not neglect my wife. Thanks to Dear Future and Ethan Place for drumming on this tune during a break in their demo sessions... How are you guys anyway? How are the move plans coming? I miss you crazies like a sailor misses iodine. Other listeners may remember Ethan's rock solid playing from such hits as "Standoff" and the very end of "Birdsong." I believe this was his 1st take. MAYBE second. I've never given Ethan a 3rd. Mostly because he's too awesome. Anyway......

Is This What You Really Want? (Punk Tune)
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

I've studied all the pros
I know what sells and I been
pushing hard to close the deal
can you tell?

You're not too hesitant
we get along, with any luck
we'll be better friends
before too long. tell me... I wanna know...

Is this what you really want in a friend?
trouble without end?
A never-ending string
of you supporting me?
Is this what you really want? Come clean.
Tell me what you mean.
If a casual friendship's fine,
well, I'm worried that my love is trite. So decide.

Is this what you really want?
Is this what you really want?
Maybe we should just move on
like nothing is wrong with us.

I've chosen my words well
like a broadcast speech, or contract.
Wearing clothes like I teach
Aesthetic philosophy.

You should know I've told some lies.
I've hurt my friends a thousand times.
I have cut my ties,
any honest man will let you decide. So decide.

Is this what you really want?
Is this what you really want?
If it were up to me,
there'd be no in-between.
But I suppose it's fine
if you want to try.


This song is of course way more produced than any of the other song-a-weeks. Don't get all greedy, ya jerks. Um, yeah, so merry easter! Spread love an joy and cheer and other things like that.

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April 6, 2007

Chase's Top Ten

My friend Chase has done his own Top Ten albums list in response to all the hubbub as of late. Here's got some good picks on there, and better variety than exists on my list.

I MADE #11 ON HIS LIST!!!! Woo Woo Dog Boy!

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April 2, 2007

The Definitive 200

A communication to my good friend, college buddy, and partner-in-crime John Brittingham regarding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's list of the 200 Definitive Rock and Roll albums.

From: Matthew C Good
To: John Brittingham
Subject: RE: world wide atrocities and such
Dearest John,

In response to your communication of Monday, April the Second, 2007 regarding world wide atrocities and such:

World-wide wtfs.

Stg pepper at 1 and pet sounds at NINE?

Eek nevermind at 10. SANTANA? Iono man…. Nevermind does not beat Abbey Road, EVER.

SHANIA TWAIN??????????????????????????????????????????????????



w.t.f. mates. Shania twain beats the wall. In what circle of hell?

There are only the typical classics mixed in with the new trendy groups… Nothing interesting here. No surprises. This is pretty much not real good. Dangit and I HAVE that jewel album. It is NOT that good. HYBRID THEORY?!??!????

This is ruining my day.

Any world where ANY creed album beats out the clash “London Calling” is not worth living in.

THE SOUNDTRACK TO TITANIC????????????????????????????????

Yeah… that SURELY BEATS OK COMPUTER.. number 111. The best album of the 1990s.

Definitive. The adjective form of the verb to define. IN WHAT WAY DID THE SOUNDTRACK TO TOP GUN DEFINE ROCK AND ROLL? TELL ME THAT!!!!

Yeah. And John Lennon’s Imagine IS just a piece of crap… whatever. Oooh but dave Brubeck! A hidden gem! Aside from that, this list is abysmal. John…. AVRIL LAVIGNE. May god have mercy on the rock and roll hall of fame.

Oh dear lord. This list is finally over. Wow. Wowowowowoowwoww….. I have SERIOUS misgivings about the integrity of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now. I’m going to go eat a bowl of lucky charms, watch an entire evening’s worth of the CW, and cry myself to sleep now. Thanks, John.

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Song-A-Week: Hard Time Comin

Song #14 - Hard Time Comin.
Not much in the way of instrumentation on this one, time has become a precious commodity as of late. Try to envision a bit of a dark western tone to it. Slide guitars, harmonicas, and maybe a reed organ or two.

Hard Time Comin
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

I heard you had a
hard time
I heard you lost your
head while
When last we met I
thought you
rambled on and on
Like something was
about to

I heard you made a
clean break
I thought you had a
Even though I
been in
that wreck before
I don't remember
how I
got out.


Traveled through the
great red
Left your home in
Said you couldn't
stand the
perfect weather
The sunny days or
cool spring

I know
The way
it goes

And you might think
I have
the answers
I don't.

Lying under the stars
They don't seem that far
But babe that's all in your head.
They disapear when you blink
They feel like they are in reach
But babe, just try to catch them

That's how it feels to be free
and totally incomplete
You're not ready for this sorta thing
Late at night when you dream
of all the things you could be
When you awake you're drifting out to sea.

I know
The way
it goes

And you might think
I have
the answers
I don't.


Man my voice doesn't last long when I'm doing those high harmonies. Sorry about that. tried a little autotune, but AT got a bit confused about it too. Oh well. This song reminds me of "Standoff" a bit.

Try to imagine drums and bass and electic (with tremolo?) coming in on the second verse - after the little break. That's kinda what I'm thinkin.

If I actually recorded this one I'd try to get the acoustics out of the front and center and use little meebly tidbits like piano and 12-string electric or whatever to fill it in. I got too many strummy-chords acoustic songs. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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