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With Appologies to JLB
Housing Crisis Popping Up Everywhere
Good Morning, My Name is Ed Kienholz
#43 - What Now?
Album Title Brainstorm
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April 30, 2008


I got this through one of my guilty pleasure sites - Its a little baby 'phant from the Baltimore Zoo!!! Oh man, I love little animals.

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April 23, 2008

With Appologies to JLB

I think I've decided that the name of my next album/ep/compilation will be:


It. Is. Perfect.

Except for one thing: Dreamtigers is the name of a Jorge Luis Borges short story and was (briefly) the title of the book "El Hacedor" (The Maker) after the original publisher thought the original title was too theological. I'm not clear on copyright law as it affects titles of 48-year old works being used by completely unknown artist of a different medium out of respect and admiration. I don't think there will be a problem, but I like to give people their due. My last album had a Cash cover on it, and I paid the royalties on that, fair and square, for instance.

I had this epiphany last night. After seeing the two Katies play a few songs at the French Quarter and eating one of their shrimp baskets, I went home and tried to go to sleep. After an hour, I gave up and grabbed my Borges and headed for the living room. It wasn't long before I realized that (unsurprisingly) everything that I had been thinking about and writing about had already been thought and written - and here it was. The story 'Dreamtigers' does not measure even a full page. But it was long enough to sencapsulate the last few years of my life.

That's why it's the new title, and that is why Borges was a genius.

I also had an intense desire to learn Spanish at that moment. For those of you who may not know much of Borges, he was an Argentinian author who wrote in what is known as "Magic Realism" or "Irreality." One publisher notes that The Maker aka Dreamtigers "explores the mysterious territory that lies between the dreams of the creative artist and the 'real' world." A lot of his work deals with the truth or concreteness of the imagined and ephemeral, and his storytelling weaves quotations, historical narrative, fiction, the gods, and the impossible together in such a way that each is completely inseparable from the other... heck, unless you are as obscenely well-read as Borges must have himself been, its not just inseparable, sometimes its indistinguishable. The point is, Borges has really affected my songwriting after "The Shortest Distance..." and you should read him.

In other news - comments are working - all the comments you left lately have not been lost and are posted now. I just had to approve them - DOH!

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April 18, 2008

Housing Crisis Popping Up Everywhere

The rapid increase in foreclosures and rapid decline in home values that has occurred recently hasn't been distributed uniformly across the country. California has been one of the worst hit, which really seems fitting. They also benefited from one of the quickest run-ups in home prices. Makes sense to me.

I'm not going to get all economic on you, and I don't really care all that much about home values in California, but I saw something yesterday that brought all of this to mind. I saw an add looking for a programming contractor in CA that had mortgage foreclosure experience. I thought this was odd, and moved on. A little while later, I happened across another tech-type add that wanted people with experience in the SAME THING. Apparently, the housing bubble bust is good for programmers... If they keep their homes, that is.

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April 16, 2008

Good Morning, My Name is Ed Kienholz

a href="">Good morning. Read this.

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April 15, 2008

#43 - What Now?

So I'm calling this #43 - even though the last song you've seen is #36. I've demo'd some songs that I haven't uploaded, and to keep the numbering consistent, I'm calling this 43 - deal with it.

Incidentally, here are the names of the songs you've missed so far:
I Know Why I Sing (an M Ward song)
Friend If You Won't Listen (A re-do, to an actual click, with actual instruments)
What's It Gonna Be (Folk Song)
Superstitions (A loud song)
With Music

Sorry for the screwup on the first chorus. That rhythm was tricky for me to hear for some reason. I get it better the second time around. If you listen closely, you can hear Kristin knocking on my door the last time I sing.

What Now
Copyright 2008 Matthew C Good

When I was nine, I used to dream
that I would be just like I am today
Now I see that it's a fault
to think that things are never gonna change

When I was young, there was so much
I felt that I would never comprehend
Now I think I know it all.

What now?
What next?

All the things I write about
are things that have long ago happened.
And all the stories I tell now
are starting with the words, "back then..."
I've done a lot of what I thought
I wanted to do.
Now I just count the hours...

What now?
What next?

[insert super-awesome bridge here]
[you know, the one that makes everyone understand my point and think to themselves, "wow, I never knew that amazing, yet undiscovered, fact about myself"]
[that one]

What now?
What next?


FYI - comments are half-up. I get them in my email and it brightens my day. But they haven't been showing up for me on the blog. So "post" them anyway.

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April 11, 2008

Album Title Brainstorm

Album Title Brainstorm:

Fairy Tales
Now What?
Science Fiction
Worlds Unknown
Boom Times (song would need re-writing to use this name)

I don't know if comments are back up or not yet. Sorry, k-dog is working as hard as he can on them.

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