January 28, 2004

Hi View

I sit, nervously spreading
the water that has condensed
off my glass with my fingers
and slowly I start tapping,
trying not to let our eyes meet

as mine dart around this same
restaurant we have been to
probably a hundred times.
We wait for our food and act
like we have something to say.

I canít really say why Iím here
and I doubt she can either.
Under the table our feet touch
and I am aware now of
the great distance between us.

Itís greater than the two feet
of Formica between us,
greater than the hundred and
fifty miles between Champaign
and Villa Park, where we sit.

I doubt it can be measured.
Its growth is much like water,
freezing in a crack and then
expanding, making the crack
wider than when it began.

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