December 7, 2004

A Monday

My alarm clock went off at 7:33 yesterday morning. I looked up at it, and hit the snooze, remembering that my cell phone was set to go off two minutes later on my desk down below. But I fell back asleep anyway, figuring two more minutes of sleep was better than none. I wouldn't have been getting up that early anyway, except that I wanted time to do my pilates and actually prepare for the day without rushing and chancing that the campus connector would be running every five instead of every ten. So I woke up a few minutes later confused as to what was beeping, since it didn't stop when I hit the snooze on my alarm clock radio. I usually wake up more coherent than that, I had been more coherent two minutes beforehand, when the first alarm went off. I finally realized it was my cell phone and that I had to climb down to turn it off. I also realized it was beeping increasingly louder. I don't know why I really cared, its not as if anyone could have really heard it except my suitemate possibly, and she's never shown me any curtesy about such things. But my brain put and urgent notice on turning off my alarm, so I started to climb down from my loft. I have the loft high enough so that I can walk under it without bumping my head, if I'm not wearing shoes. Technically that means its too high, since the safety bar doesn't go high enough to actually do anything then. So I started to climb down, using the rails at the end of the bed and then reaching my foot over to the desk, to step onto it, get the phone, and then get the rest of the way down. I was rushing, and not really awake yet. Accident prone as I am, my socked slipped on the step to the desk. My face hit the shelf above my desk hard enough for me to feel it to the back of my skull and I fell the rest of the way down, hitting the desk, the bed, and wall, and I'm not really sure what else. Judging by the bruises, I hit every appendage on something, I just don't know what. The fall actually didn't faze me too much, I was thinking already how stupid this was, and that I was going to have some nice bruises for sure. And I turned off the beeping phone that had fallen into my lap on my way down. I was relieved that I had all my teeth, and that evidentaly no one had heard my crash. I half crawled half dragged myself over to the fridge to grab the ice packs I keep there for my migraines. I slapped one on my face, spitting out the retainer I've wore since high school. I put the other one on my knee, my bad knee, just glad the knee cap was still in its socket. Finally the rest of the pain began to ooze its way in and I noticed the blood on my hand from my arm. I moved my arm to see what had happened to it more clearly and had to take the ice pack away from my face, at which point I saw the blood in it. It hadn't occured to me that I had cut my face during my fall, so I dragged myself up by the sink to look in the mirror. At that point I had to admitt that even for me, this was an impressive attempt at suicide by furniture. Oddly enough, my cell phone rang right then and I answered, hearing my cousin Julie asking how classes were going. I explained to her that I couldn't talk right then, because I had just fallen and needed to take myself to the emergency room. I had no real sense of urgency about it, I just knew that the cuts were bad enough to need stiched or else they wouldn't heal cleanly. So I got my medical card, found a Sesame Street band-aid for my arm, and put some homework and a book in a bag, knowing that the ER would be boring. I changed into a shirt and pants I didn't mind getting bloody, and after considering a coat since it was about 25 out, figured it would feel nice on my bruises. I put on my headphones, and started to walk over to the hospital. I have to say, it is nice living within a five minute walk of a highly rated medical facility. I wondered it anyone would stop and question me about the bleeding cut on my face as I walked over. No one did, probably because with my headphones and bag, I looked like i knew what I was doing. I walked into the ER and said to the nurse "I fell this morning."

Posted by allison at December 7, 2004 10:25 PM
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