June 22, 2005


Because next to Catch-22 and The Chronicles of Narnia sits The Little Princess on my bookshelf.

Because next to my hybrid hiking/gym shoes are a pair of black stiletto knee high boots.

Because in my jewelry box my belly button rings mix with the gold cameo necklace that was my great grandmothers.

Because my very grown up double mattress is on a loft bed covered in snow man sheets up where I can hide from the world.

Because the lamp I made in eighth grade shop class illuminates a desk calendar with no time for things like woodworking.

Because my mother called me an asshole last night when my dad and I were joking about my sister and then took me out to lunch today.

Because the bookmark in my book is a key card from the holiday inn and the holiday inn is the reason I havenít finished the book.

Because one of the people who knows me best and who I actually tell the truth to is someone I only see once a year, and have no phone number for.

Because the Muppets From Space DVD is next to my Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Because this is my personal computer and yet some of the word files like this one are password protected, just in case.

Because I told my father tonight that if I didnít come home from work one day it was because Iíd packed up and left and he said that I should tell him first so he could come too.

Because there is a framed wedding portrait of my grandparents on the wall that gives me hope for love because it is so beautiful and then dashes that hope because after fifty years of being unhappily married they divorced, no matter how beautiful their wedding portrait was.

Because I use my cell phone as an alarm clock since taking the time to plug in and set the time on my actual alarm clock would make this place too permanent.

Because so much of what I own is pink, and Iím not sure if I ever really have the right to be wearing it.

Because some days I wonder if it would be safer to have my stuffed moose as my only companion.

Because I drive a convertible in which the top canít go down.

Because of the couple who complimented me on the food and the service when I was waitressing and yet left no tip.

Because the pills in the motrin bottle on my desk arenít motrin.

Because Iím paranoid about becoming my mother and paranoid that being paranoid means Iím becoming like my mother.

Because Iím addicted to chapstick and canít understand people who are addicted to cigarettes.

Because I'm never really trust people enough to believe them when they say they're glad I called, unless they call me first.

Because there are only so many song lyrics I can make to fit my life before I have to start writing my own.

Posted by allison at June 22, 2005 10:44 PM

so... start writing

check that

keep writing. you're a good writer.

Posted by: matt at July 2, 2005 7:47 PM


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